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About Imbio

Transforming Imaging with AI

For millions of patients every day, medical imaging is a vital part of their diagnosis and ongoing care decisions. More than one billion imaging studies (CT, MR, X-ray) are requested in the U.S. and EU alone every year. But this explosion of imaging hasn’t come with the tools physicians need to see and interpret all of the information in each patient’s images. Nearly 99% of imaging diagnosis remains a purely manual human process, one which is increasingly stressed by the demands of growing patient volume and the need to lower healthcare costs.

Imbio believes we can close this gap between the promise of imaging and the demands of modern healthcare.

With machine learning and AI, Imbio transforms standard medical images into rich visual maps of a patient’s condition, and quantitative reports that provide physicians detailed data on the type and extent of abnormalities found in the patient images. This enables physicians to see the information hiding in the images and drive data-based, personalized patient care from screening and diagnosis through procedure planning and therapy tracking.

With fully automated solutions we make these analyses viable in daily care. Imbio is unique in delivering full quantitative analysis and 3D visualization without added work for physicians. Imbio uses automated workflows to receive image series, perform analysis and return results directly into the patient study in just minutes. We’re dedicated to improving diagnosis while saving time.

Our Team

Imbio draws on healthcare industry experience including sales, marketing, regulatory, and engineering to build the most powerful solutions for caregivers and millions of patients around the world.

Our Partners

Our commercial partners help deliver Imbio personalized imaging to customers and patients world-wide. Our development partners are leading medical researchers and physicians globally who create breakthrough image analysis.

Careers at Imbio

Imbio, is a young, ambitious company dedicated to improving patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.