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Lung Density Analysis™- Functional

Patented Parametric Response Mapping (PRM) technology

Functional LDA (LDAf) is the only fully-automated image analysis tool providing a complete mapping of normal lung, air-trapping, and areas indicative of emphysema in a combined image to visualize and quantify the components of COPD. LDAf can be useful in assessing other density-evident conditions including BOS, Asthma, and combination diseases as well.

FDA 510(k) Cleared, CE Mark Certified, Health Canada Approved

The Power of Personalized Quantitative Imaging

LDAf offers advanced density analysis for patients with COPD, Asthma, Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome, and other conditions. LDAf provides maximum information for personalized care decisions as well as surgical and interventional procedure planning.

For Your Practice

LDAf is a fully automated solution delivering full quantitative analysis and 3D visualization without added work for Radiology.

Suggested use cases for LDAf

  • Situations where pulmonary testing (PFT’s) are inconclusive
    • i.e. normal PFT’s, yet symptomatic patient
  • Surgical or interventional patient selection and procedure planning
    • i.e. fully identify the location and extent of damage, best navigational route, screen out contra-indications, etc.
  • Determining “tipping points” for changing course of care
    • i.e. change from medical to surgical interventional care, or treating potential emphysema versus air-trapping
  • Anytime clinicians would like to more fully understand their patient – a more personalized, comprehensive picture of lung function
  • Clinical Trials and Research
  • Lung Health programs