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Get a look at the transformation of grayscale images into powerful detailed insights. View our complete set of videos on Vimeo.

Physician’s Perspective: The value propositions of AI for sustaining and growing clinical programs

Physician’s Perspective: Personalized quantitative imaging outputs to support clinics and aid patient education

Physician’s Perspective: How AI complements Radiology and Pulmonology clinics – Dr. Kyle Hogarth

Physician’s Perspective: AI Benefits for Patients with Early Stage Lung Disease – Dr. Kyle Hogarth

Physician’s Perspective: The Value of QCT Data & Why the University of Chicago Chose Imbio – Dr. Kyle Hogarth

Lung Density Inspiratory Analysis (LDAi)

Imbio Lung Density Analysis – Functional (LDAf)

Imbio Lung Texture Analysis

Imbio RV/LV Analysis