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Imbio works with the most trusted names in global healthcare to bring breakthrough image analysis to daily clinical care. Click to learn more about all of our products below.

Lung Density Analysis™ Inspiration (LDAi)

LDAi provides rapid, automated quantification of areas which may be indicative of emphysema and COPD based on a standard inspiratory chest CT.

LDAi includes Imbio Noise Reduction Technology (NRT) to aid quantification and visualization of low dose scans, and also includes Imbio’s Patient LungMap™ report to aid smoking cessation counseling.

Lung Density Analysis™ Functional (LDAf)

LDAf is the only patented, fully-automated, regulatory cleared image analysis providing a complete mapping of normal lung, air-trapping and areas of persistent low density in a combined image to help visualize the components of COPD.

LDA’s quantitative report provides volume and density classifications by percentage of lung volume for each lung region.

Lung Density Analysis™ (LDA+)

LDA+ provides quantification of airspace disease severity and extent, including areas potentially indicative of consolidation and ground glass.

LDA+ assists the diagnosis and assessment of COVID-19 or pneumonia severity, and potential co-existing emphysema via quantification of low and high-density regions in chest CT images.

Lung Texture Analysis™ (LTA)

LTA is based on the highly regarded CALIPER technology pioneered at the Mayo Clinic. LTA applies advanced computer vision to transform a standard chest CT into a detailed map and quantification of the lung textures that are key to identifying ILD’s and other fibrotic conditions.

CE Mark Certified, Investigational Use Only in the U.S., Health Canada Approved.


Studies have shown an increased RV/LV diameter ratio to be a predictor of short-term mortality and adverse clinical events in patients with various pulmonary vascular diseases.

Airway Analysis

Airway remodeling is a key characteristic in multiple lung diseases. However, accurate, repeatable airway measurement is largely unattainable using manual-tracing techniques.

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    Utilizing technology developed at the University of Heidelberg, Airway Analysis provides fully automated measurement of the airways by generation including lumen and total airway diameters, wall thickness and wall percentage, and additional statistics.

    Coming soon for research or investigational use only in all regions.

Coronary Artery

Checking for calcium build-up in the heart’s arteries is critical to identify patients at increased risk for heart disease.

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    Imbio’s deep-learning based CAC analysis is trained to assess gated or ungated CT scans, and to be effective in analyzing low dose CT scans as a component of lung cancer screening programs. Imbio CAC analysis identifies both potential positive CAC findings as well as false positive artifacts, and provides an overall CAC score.

    Coming soon for research or investigational use only in all regions.


Companion Imaging

Develop and deploy custom algorithms using imaging biomarkers to assist with disease-specific therapies