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Companion Imaging

Imaging AI can help grow device & pharma businesses

CT scans contain a wealth of information. Imbio’s solutions can bring that information to life with custom algorithms to help grow your businesses. Through the use of machine learning and deep learning, Imbio algorithms transform the way patients are discovered, diagnosed, treated, and managed to enable more personalized care.

Screening for Interventional Patients
Medical Device companies can benefit from the quantitative evaluation of CT scans to determine patient eligibility for procedures.

Custom Analyses for Clinical Trials
Pharmaceutical partnerships use Imbio’s expertise in imaging biomarkers to enhance drug development and deliver more personalized care.

Why Choose Imbio As Your Imaging Partner

Regulatory Expertise

AI Clinical

Commercial Expertise


Companion Imaging supports medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies, and their product offerings

Quantitative CT data from Imbio outputs can empower research, clinical trials, and clinical decisions across the entire patient care path.

  • Automated screening for patients with specific disease phenotypes
  • Better patient selection for treatments including devices or medications
  • Interventional treatment planning
  • Drug development
  • Clinical trials and response to therapies