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Lung Texture Analysis™

Transform a standard chest CT into a detailed map of ILA lung textures

Based on the highly regarded CALIPER technology pioneered at the Mayo Clinic, LTA provides visualization and quantification of the lung textures that are key to identifying Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILD’s) and other fibrotic conditions (normal, ground glass, reticular, honeycomb and hyperlucent).

CE Mark Certified, Health Canada Approved, Investigational Use Only in the U.S.


The Power of Personalized Quantitative Imaging

LTA provides an intuitive texture overlay on the patient scan to highlight abnormalities and increase diagnostic confidence, and includes a detailed physician report of each patient analysis.

For Your Practice

Aiding ILD specialists. High-resolution CT (HRCT) is a vital diagnostic tool for fibrotic conditions. Diagnostic accuracy is essential for optimal patient care decisions, but readers often disagree. Even with modern HRCT, imaging diagnosis remains challenging. Studies show that diagnostic accuracy for ILD’s varies greatly between readers and there is poor agreement among physicians in noting findings on CT imaging indicative of fibrotic conditions.

LTA is effective in the classification of normal versus abnormal tissue and performs as well as the experts in distinguishing among typical pathologies present in lungs with fibrotic disease.

Suggested use cases for LTA

  • Aiding ILD diagnosis and therapy response assessment
  • Population screening for ILD/ILA/UIP/IPF
  • Lung Cancer Screening Programs
  • Lung Health Programs
  • Clinical Trials