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Deployment Options

How can you deploy Imbio AI in your institution?

Accessing AI technology should not be hard. Imbio simplifies the process by offering you two fully automated software-only platform options, or Imbio’s partners can deliver our dockerized algorithms on one of their well-known platforms.

Imbio Cloud

Access to Imbio analysis algorithms with minimal start-up effort and investment. Imbio processing is fully automated and dynamically scalable by installing only the Imbio Bridge (cloud connector application) inside your firewall. Bridge provides automated de-identification / re-identification and encrypted transmission of imaging series to and from the Imbio Cloud (in AWS) for analysis.

Imbio Enterprise

An on-premise version of the Imbio platform for customers who prefer a fully in-house solution. The enterprise platform is a flexible, software-only (VMware) on-premise deployment, dynamically scalable based on analysis volume required.

Imbio Partnerships

For clients seeking to add Imbio algorithms to their existing AI platform, products are available through multiple channel partners such as Nuance, Aidoc, Siemens Syngo.via, TeraRecon, FerrumHealth, or Flywheel.

No matter how you chose to deploy Imbio, making breakthrough image analysis viable in daily care means Imbio is committed to providing analysis which are…

Fully Automated

No stand-alone workstations, no user interfaces to learn. Imbio receives image series automatically at the completion of a patient scan and returns results without user intervention.

First-Read Ready

Imbio analysis run in just minutes. Our goal is simple: Imbio results are ready when you are, the first time you review a patient study.


Imbio inserts analysis outputs (3D DICOM series and quantitative reports) directly into the patient study making them available to anyone, anywhere with PACS access.