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Flywheel and Imbio team up to help researchers fight COVID-19

MINNEAPOLIS, March 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Flywheel Exchange, a research data platform and Imbio, an AI-driven medical imaging company specializing in lung analysis, have teamed up to help global researchers accelerate understanding and treatment for COVID-19. 

The companies have independently developed technologies over the past 5 years and are growing rapidly in their respective markets.  Given the unfolding pandemic, Flywheel, Imbio and their parent company, Invenshure, have decided to combine technologies to offer researchers powerful tools to aggregate and analyze COVID-19 related data. 

Flywheel has a worldwide footprint with academic centers and pharmaceutical companies on the front line of COVID-19 treatment development.  “Our platform enables real time collaboration across multiple geographies and cross functional development between researchers, biologists, and clinicians.  We hope to provide a centralized repository of data types to empower the rapid development of effective treatments,” said Jim Olson, CEO of Flywheel.     

Imbio is a leading provider of FDA cleared and CE marked pulmonary image analysis tools.  “Our machine learning and AI algorithms are being used to aid diagnosis and measure treatment response of chronic lung conditions similar to COVID-19,” said David Hannes, CEO of Imbio. Imbio partners with pharmaceutical companies in the development of new drugs to treat lung conditions, with imaging biomarkers to support clinical trials and follow-on into clinical care.  “We are delighted to join forces with Flywheel to accelerate the understanding and development of COVID-19 specific treatments,” said Hannes.

Beginning March 30, Flywheel’s platform, including Imbio’s lung analysis tools, will be made available free of charge to COVID-19 academic and clinical researchers. Full details of this offering will be announced shortly. 

“We are fortunate to have created two companies that can help the world community fight this pandemic.  It represents our collective effort to make a creative contribution in our own way.  We are working hard to combine the technologies and launch the enabled platform in the coming days,” said Dan Cunagin, Co-CEO of Invenshure. 

COVID-19 researchers interested in accessing or learning more about this platform should contact Can (John) Akgun:

About Flywheel
Flywheel is a leading medical imaging informatics platform for researchers transforming the way research is conducted in academia, clinics and the pharma industry. By providing tools to automate scientific data management, scale analytic computing, and securely share data and algorithms, we’re on a mission to unleash the medical imaging community’s creative energy. For more information on our mission and products, visit

About Imbio
Imbio is a leader in fully-automated AI image analysis for chronic pulmonary conditions.  Imbio’s regulatory cleared solutions transform the way patients are discovered, diagnosed and treated, enabling physician productivity and more personalized care for patients. Visit

About Invenshure
Invenshure is a venture catalyst company focused on the creation and development of healthcare and biotechnology companies – built around novel IP from top scientists and institutions. To learn more about Invenshure and our companies, visit