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Lung Density Analysis™ +

Automated quantification for COVID-19 and Pneumonia

LDA+ provides quantification of airspace disease severity and extent, including areas potentially indicative of consolidation and ground glass. Studies have shown this quantification was found to be predictive of ICU admission status and mortality in COVID-19 patients1. LDA+ also includes quantification of low-density regions potentially indicative of co-existing emphysema.

FDA 510(k) Cleared, CE Mark Certified, Health Canada Approved

The Power of Personalized Quantitative Imaging

LDA+ assists the diagnosis and assessment of COVID-19 or pneumonia severity, and potential co-existing emphysema via quantification of low and high-density regions in chest CT images. Studies show that quantification is important for triage and managing risk of adverse events in COVID-192.

For Your Practice

LDA+ is a fully automated solution delivering quantitative analysis and 3D visualization to the patient study in PACS. LDA+ is now available in multiple regions of the world and is ready for immediate deployment through Imbio or our partners for ease of implementation.

Suggested use cases for LDA+

  • COVID-19 patient diagnoses, triage, and potential follow-up
  • General pneumonia diagnosis and follow-up

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2 – Davide Colombi, Flavio C. Bodini, Marcello Petrini, Gabriele Maffi, Nicola Morelli, Gianluca Milanese, Mario Silva, Nicola Sverzellati, and Emanuele Michieletti “Well-Aerated Lung on Admitting Chest CT to Predict Adverse Outcome in COVID-19 Pneumonia.” Radiology, April 17, 2020, 201433.